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ITC, S4 BOT/MACRO and RGC-Bypass is now for sale! Apply here


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Shirotzu Miyake

Shirotzu Miyake
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Welcome to our official announcement concerning premium membership on HS4L Forum. Please read the following information if you are interested in becoming a premium member on this forum. Please understand that at any time, you are NEVER OBLIGATED to become a premium member. However, we have this option available to those who want to help!

What is Premium Membership and Why Become a Premium Member?
Membership is a special rank on HS4L Forum made up of members who have purchased a premium account upgrade. Premium Members do not have to create a new account, the premium upgrade process will automatically and instantly upgrade the member account to membership without changing anything significant. Premium members get extra features and access to hidden sections on the forum. There are a few different reasons why you might consider upgrading to premium membership, including:

1# Signature - Membership members have signature enabled.
2# Project Access - Get full access to HS4L projects.
3# Fast Support - Membership members have priority on getting answers on their questions (Topics and PM).
4# Colored username - Membership members will have a colored username and usertitle.
5# Beta Tester - Early access to new trainers that will be later spread globally.
6# Membership Section - Access to hidden membership sections.
7# No Ads - Membership members will have and Adsense ads disabled.
8# Gift Points - After purchasing the membership you will receive 100 gift points.

Get ITC (Item Creator) VIP
Get RGC-Bypass

Notice: In 12-24 hours you will receive the membership access.

Premium membership have a several benefits on our forums. By donating to you help us improve the forum, helping with development.

Paypal Membership options for the account Guest
1 Month Membership

Price: $4.50 USD
(Every month)

3 Months Membership

Price: $9.50 USD
(Every 3 months)

1 Year Membership

Price: $30.50 USD
(Every year)

2 Years Membership

Price: $52.50 USD
(Every 2 years)

Permanent Membership

Price: $75.50 USD
(One Time Fee)

In case you already have the membership previously and you want to buy the permanent membership we will deduct what you spent of the membership


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